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55 East Main, Milford, MA 01757



Available immediately. Owner occupied 2nd floor apartment beautifully redone with all new floors, all new bathroom and fresh paint throughout. Convenient location to shopping, highway access, off street parking for 2 cars. Very close to bike and walking trails. Enjoy a small deck area for enjoying fresh air and plants, fenced in yard out back with large area for gardening. Extra storage available in basement. Pets negotiable depending on type/how many/breed/temperament. Rent includes snow removal, refuse removal, grounds maintenance. Tenant at will with 60 days notice. First/Last/Security/References/Credit/Criminal report. Applications via Zillow. Non smokers only please.
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Posted by Millennium Realty on 4/22/2021

Thereís a lot more to interior design than simply picking out the latest trends in home decor. Design principles are also used to make the atmosphere of your home spacious and welcoming, and to make your home livable in a practical way.

 In spite of the fact that most people will own a home someday, no one is ever really taught interior design. So, it comes as little surprise that so many people are missing out on simple techniques that can drastically improve their home.

 In todayís article, weíre going to share with you some of the best interior design and decorating secrets to help you spruce up your home and make it more practical at the same time.

Low ceiling? No problem

Having a low ceiling can make it difficult to decorate and make your home seem spacious. One great workaround is to avoid tall furniture and seek out chairs with low backs, and bookcases that are wide rather than tall.

Omit hanging lights and ceiling fans and used recessed lighting instead to maximize your space and avoid having taller guests having to dodge objects hanging from the ceiling.

Finally, paint the ceiling white and remove crown molding to give the impression of openness.

Making small rooms feel larger

If you have a small home it can feel difficult to keep things uncluttered while still making sure you have everything you need. There are a few ways to make rooms feel more spacious that donít involve throwing out your belongings.

First, add mirrors to give the illusion (literally) of space. A single or group of mirrors can be a nice decorative touch that makes a room seem much larger than it is.

Next, paint and decorate with mainly light colors or white. Dark colors will make a room feel smaller.

Lastly, take advantage of hidden storage space, such as tables with drawers underneath, and avoid putting decorations on too many surfaces. Filling the room up with objects will make it appear smaller.

The size of decorations matter

Thereís a rule in interior decorating called the ďcantaloupe rule.Ē It states that you should avoid using decorations that are smaller than a cantaloupe.

However, that doesnít mean this rule canít be artfully broken. A better description would be that you should omit several small decorations in favor of just a few large ones.  

Create a color palette

When choosing the color of your furniture, walls, and decoration it can be easy to just choose whichever color you like for that object rather than what works well in your home. Try making a color palette to adhere to when shopping for these items.

Create a house-wide palette and a palette for each room. Stick to three or four colors that complement each other well for each room, and make sure they arenít too starkly contrasted from other rooms in your home.

If you arenít sure about how to design a color palette there are several free online tools you can use to help.

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72 Blackstone St, Mendon, MA 01756



Hide away down a long drive to this private, 2.79 acre estate setting. Open, airy custom log home has the perfect mix of log, plaster walls and soaring ceilings. A home built for those who enjoy entertaining in an expansive kitchen with gorgeous soapstone countertops, 2 islands and chef's duel fuel range. There is even a butler's pantry with additional warming ovens and extra dishwasher. The dramatic custom stone fireplace works perfectly with the polished concrete floors which feature radiant heat. Automated projection screen eliminates the need for a tv. A first floor master suite with sumptuous master bath and walk-in closet features views of the park like setting. Generously sized family bedrooms on the upper level each feature oversized closets. A finished lower level provides the perfect play space, den or office with its own full bath. Generator included. Tesla car charger in garage is included. Check out full list of extras and upgrades attached. All this in lovely Mendon.
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Posted by Millennium Realty on 4/19/2021

Whether youíre looking for an accessible home or plan to build, Millennium Realty is here to help. To connect with one of our experienced agents today, call 508-478-7756.

Your Guide to Building an Accessible Home Thatís Perfect For You

Home is where the heart is, as well as your utmost comfort. In fact, if there can only be one place on earth where you can truly thrive in and be completely supported in every way that you need, it should be at home. But of course, this can be a lot more complicated when you have very specific needs because of mobility or physical limitations.

The truth is, most homes are not designed to support these needs, and you may be hard-pressed to find a readymade one in the market. For this reason, it can be a good idea to build the accessible home of your dreams, instead. And while that may seem like a tall order, you might find the process to be quite straightforward and more than doable. Letís break it down.

Start with a plan.

Building a new home from the ground up sounds like a daunting task, and it can be. Itís therefore wise to start at the literal drawing board. Having a plan not only ensures that you know what to expect as your project begins, but that youíre able to stick to your budget, timeline, and priorities.

Be aware that purchasing a new-construction home is a multistep process, and each one should be accounted for in your plan. First of all, youíll need to work with the right realtor who can help you find and choose the right land, taking into consideration factors like location, property taxes, and even the length of your commute. Next, youíll need to put a great deal of thought on design, especially when youíre custom-building an accessible home.

And of course, donít forget the all-important budget considerations and securing funding for the build. Know that depending on your specific situation, Self points out that you may be eligible for special home loans and grants, too, which can undoubtedly be a great help in getting your accessible home built to perfection.

Bring in the experts.

The whole point of custom-building a home is to ensure that you get to have all the accessibility features you want and need. There is, in fact, a set of guidelines put in place by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is a great compass for your project. Itís a good idea, therefore, to have a checklist handy to ensure that you donít miss a crucial feature.

Generally, you will want to focus on the more important and often-used rooms, such as the bathroom. At the most fundamental level, this should be fitted with grab bars to make using the toilet and shower safe, plus the room should have more than sufficient space for maneuvering a wheelchair. The kitchen is another area that requires very specific accessibility features, such as lowered countertops and workspaces, as well as ADA-compliant fixtures.

Put on the finishing touches.

Finally, donít forget to equip your brand-new home with additional features that also serve your safety and comfort. Are liable security system, for one, will give you peace of mind and a sense of security in your own home, so make sure to also do your research to choose the best home security systems and right providers in your area to install them. Ditto with smart home devices and the like.

Suffice it to say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. In the case of your perfect accessible home, this means your plans and the right professionals. Itís hard work, yes, but ultimately, the comfort and safety you will enjoy in your own home will be more than worth it.

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Posted by Millennium Realty on 4/15/2021

Property is an increasingly valuable asset no matter where you live, making real estate investment more popular than ever. While it can be a big commitment, investing in real estate is quite accessible and affordable depending on the level of involvement you are interested in. It doesnít require being an expert in the stock market, but there are many real estate investment opportunities available.

Here are some of the simplest ways to invest in real estate today:

Home Ownership

Buying and owning property is one of the best investments you can make. The more time and energy you spend in improving and upgrading that property over time, the more potential value you can add to it. In some highly desirable areas, even just simple upkeep of your property can be enough to keep its value climbing. If you own your home, investing can benefit you in the short term just as much as in the long term: by upgrading your living space, youíre improving your own quality of life and adding value. Renovation, replacement and updating of key features in the home are popular ways to invest.

Rental Property

Owning rental property will generate income and give you a great asset to maintain and develop. If you have great DIY skills and will manage tenants, rental investment can be incredibly lucrative and easy. One very common way to generate rental income is by purchasing a multi-unit property and living in one unit yourself. By renting out the others, you can easily cover your own bills and create extra pocket money for yourself. This also means you are close by if any issues arise ó if you own the property, itís your responsibility, even if somebody else is living in it. Therefore, a willingness to do maintenance work yourself is crucial, otherwise you might spend all of your would-be profits hiring outside help when something needs fixing or updating.


Flipping a house means purchasing a low-value property and improving it intending to sell at a profit. Itís a shorter-term strategy, which requires all the upgrades to be done quickly and within budget. When successful, flipping can be incredibly profitable. However, it requires significant knowledge of the real estate market and considerable capital to to cover any losses if you canít sell the property quickly enough. Working with a real estate agent or anybody with industry savvy is key to making flipping homes a worthy investment.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

For people who want to invest with no handiwork, investing through an online real estate investment platform might be a good fit. These online platforms connect investors to companies or specific projects so that individuals can pool their money to invest in larger commercial or residential deals all over the world. Compared to purchasing a property, it requires less startup capital, but youíll only be buying a portion of the profits. This can be a risky but easy way to invest, especially since you can diversify your investments across multiple properties or projects no matter where they are.

Investing in real estate is unique because it provides many different ways to participate. However, as with any investment, make sure you carefully consider the risks involved in order to determine which type is right for you.