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Posted by Millennium Realty on 3/14/2019

If summer is your favorite season of the year, then you probably wouldn't mind having your home smell like summer all through the year, seeing as most people wait all year to breathe in summer's scent. Follow simple tips to keep your home smelling fresh and summery all through the year.

  1. Make a Gel Freshener Yourself. Making a gel freshener isn't hard at all. All you need are a couple essential oils like citrus and grapeseed, depending on the exact scent you want to reproduce, and some other natural ingredients in your kitchen such as gelatin, salt, and lemons; mix them, and you have an excellent freshener for your home. Check the internet for more detailed instructions and proportions.
  2. Secret Jars. It is simple to do, and the results last for even longer. Pick up some stone jars and fill them up with a mixture of baking soda and any essential oils you have around. Put them up in different corners of your house and watch the walls of your home begin to give out the scents by themselves seemingly. However, you might need to keep the jars out of sight, as they are not the most perfect decorative accessories.
  3. Use Cleaning Products with Natural Ingredients and Flavors. Don't just buy any cleaning liquid. You should go for the ones that incorporate natural elements into their contents. Many cleaning products are plant-based and infused with the scents of ingredients like citrus, cedar, and lavender. Constant use of such products for cleaning the floors, windows and even clothes will all add up to give every room in the house a distinct pleasant fruity smell.
  4. Scent of Potpourri. Add any food items with pleasant smells onto a pan. You can use apple cider, lemons, vanilla extract, etc.; they all work perfectly. Add a few cups of water to the pan and then heat very slowly over the cooker. The hot mixture will begin to give off a warm and welcoming scent for anyone that comes into the home. These work best at night as they're sure to make dinner look enticing.
  5. DIY Lavender Air Freshener. Add dried lavender leaves and baking soda into a small jar and shake the mixture thoroughly. Add drops of lavender oil too and seal, then punch a few holes into the jar cover so the scent can escape into the house.

Try out all these ideas and watch your home smell like summer all day, every day. If you need more options for essential oils, visit any apothecary shop that is close to you.

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Posted by Millennium Realty on 7/21/2016

The aroma of your home can change the mood of all shoppers that enter. Are you selling or buying? Either way, stage a home with one of these scents and feel the mood change and see the sales pitch fly. Scents that conjure up the comforts of home will put a smile on the face of the buyer, the seller, and the shopper. One way to add fragrance to your home is to boil water with cinnamon sticks. Go one step further and add sliced apples and maybe even a few cloves. This smell will flow through your home and allow each person who enters a moment of childhood memories and a reminder of grandma’s apple pie. If the smell of cinnamon is not appealing to you, try herbs such as rosemary and thyme boiled with water. Citrus has good staying power too. Use the rind of an orange and/or lemon in the boiling water. These scents are fresh and welcoming. If you are in a pinch, go right outside and find pine or cedar needles, add some bay leaves and nutmeg and boil away. These too will leave a refreshing scent in the air. They say vinegar will remove just about any smell such as fish, lamb or burnt popcorn. If you have an odor to remove in your home, be sure to leave a dish out in your kitchen with a ˝ cup of vinegar in it. If left to its own devices all day, the unwanted smells will neutralize on their own. Whatever scent you chose, each person that enters will enjoy the aroma, remark about the refreshing scents and for a fleeting moment, consider themselves living in your refreshing environment. That's a sale!

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