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When considering flooring for your new home, look at each individual room. After all, carpet is probably not the best choice for your kitchen. Bathrooms, entryways, kitchens, and pantries that are high-traffic areas or that often get wet benefit from flooring that is at least water-resistant if not waterproof. You can choose from several types of flooring, including hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, carpet, cork and gym flooring. Each has benefits and disadvantages.

Laminate Flooring

If you love the look of wood, stone or tile, but don't want the upkeep, you might consider laminate flooring. It's also much more affordable and requires less maintenance. Laminate comes in tiles, squares or planks that interlock and are waterproof and scratch-resistant. You can get it in several grain styles, including cherry, oak, maple, pine and other woods if you want the wood look. If you want a stone look, you can choose limestone, marble, travertine and slate. This is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens, or for the whole house if you have pets.


Hardwood floors last a long time, but are expensive to buy and install, and require a lot of upkeep. Still, those who have hardwood floors wouldn't trade them for anything. Solid hardwood floors last longer than engineered hardwood flooring, which is made from compressed wood, polymers and resin. Whether you choose solid or engineered hardwood, you have several choices, including white oak, walnut, red oak, hickory, cherry and maple. If you still love hardwood floors, but the maintenance factor is making you change your mind, ask your builder about hardwood flooring options with scratch-resistant and waterproof options.

Tile Flooring

Another flooring that is great for rooms with a lot of moisture or a risk of high spills is tile flooring. They require very little maintenance and last a long time. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and mosaic glass tiles. Ceramic tile is the softest of the tiles, so it's comfortable to walk on. Porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic tile and it's less porous, which means it's more water-resistant. However, it's more expensive than ceramic tile. The upper end of the scale features natural stone tiles such as marble, granite, slate and other types of materials. While they are very pretty, they are usually more expensive than ceramic and porcelain tile. Mosaic glass, cement, metal and other tiles are engineered with bits of marble, limestone, epoxy and other materials. All types of tile flooring chip easily if you drop something hard or heavy on them.

Vinyl Flooring

When you need durable and cost-effective, go for vinyl. Depending on the brand, it is made from PVC, plastic, acrylic and other polymers. When you choose the right vinyl, it looks luxurious and is very durable. You can buy it in sheets, planks or tiles. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and scratch-resistant. You can find it in many colors and even options that looks like stone or hardwood.. Check the finishes of each type you look at: vinyl comes in no-wax, enhanced urethane and urethane finishes. If you are putting vinyl in high-traffic areas, choose one with a wear layer that is thicker.

Other Types of Flooring

You can choose other types of flooring, including carpet, bamboo, cork and gym flooring. Most of these are not suitable for areas with a lot of moisture. Carpeting provides extra warmth and is very comfortable to walk on. Bamboo is actually classified as a hardwood flooring, and it is very durable, so is scuff-resistant. Cork is very comfortable to walk on, and is made from renewable materials. It is also noise-resistant. Gym flooring is made from rubber or foam and holds up well to high traffic. It is also water-resistant and absorbs shock.

You will need to make your choices on several factors, including high-traffic areas, whether you have kids and / or pets, and how much you want to spend on each type of flooring. You can put one type of flooring in rooms that see moisture or high foot traffic, and another more comfortable flooring, such as carpet, in areas that do not see high traffic.

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Whether it be simply the preference of the homeowner, or an attempt at increasing home value, hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity. Hardwood floors can add a touch of class to a smaller home, and make larger homes really show off their square footage in a way that carpeting cannot compete with.

If you are considering outfitting your home with hardwoods, style and durability will be your two biggest categories to explore, after cost. Some hardwood options, while stylish, lack the durability of others, and care would need to be taken in order to not wear out your new home addition prematurely. Below, I'll list some of the more popular varieties of hardwood flooring options.

Wide-Plank - Wide-plank flooring is quickly becoming one of the more popular options for people looking to add a touch of class to a room or home, without sacrificing their floor's durability. This style of flooring gives you a wide variety of wood options and styles to choose from, but woods with complex grains are the preferred way to go. Wider planks allow the natural beauty of woods like Hickory and Tigerwood a chance to shine.

Reclaimed Pine - This eco-friendly option is also a popular favorite. Perfect for homes that already possess a rustic flare, reclaimed pine flooring can add a touch of historical class to any

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home. And because one of the primary sources of reclaimed pine flooring are historical buildings, this is an environmentally-friendly alternative to some of the more extravagant hardwood varieties, like Brazilian hardwoods, or teak. Reclaimed pine is just one of many varieties of reclaimed wood, so shop around a little. Almost all reclaimed hardwood options will add a touch of mature class to a home.

Eucalyptus and Ebonized Hardwood - These varieties are extremely dark and elegant. Best paired with contemporary homes. If you are partial to white furniture and decor, this variety will serve to complement your design style immensely.

Red Oak - This variety of flooring is gaining a reputation for it's ability to successfully coordinate with any design style, as well as it's durability. Red Oak is a fantastic choice for homes with children, as the durability of the wood will prevent most scuffs and dents that a high-traffic family would normally dish out on a less-resilient wood variety. The lighter, warmer colors of the wood also serve to heighten the brightness and color of a room, which may be preferred in houses that don't get a lot of natural light.

Brazilian Cherry - This variety is the classic "mosaic hardwood". The natural variation in color from plank to plank is an eye-catching addition to any home, while the affordability factor is also an appeal.

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It seems everyone has an opinion on the best way to wash hardwood floors. Some say soap and water, others polish, or wax. It can all be very confusing.
These tips will help you have your hardwoods happily gleaming in no time.

In order to know how to clean your floors you will first need to determine the finish. In other words, you will need to know how your wood floor is sealed. It is the finish, not the wood type that determines how you clean and care for the floor.

Surface-sealed floors: If your hardwoods are newer they are most likely sealed with urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic. These floors are the easiest to clean. All they need is a sweep, a quick mop and just like that you are done!

Penetrating-seal-treated and

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oil-treated floors: Another type of common hardwood floor is a penetrating seal or oil finish. These soak into the wood grain and harden. This type of floor can be difficult to maintain, these floors must be be protected with liquid or paste wax.

Lacquered, varnished, shellacked and untreated floors: Another fussy floor to deal with, these floors need to be protected with liquid or paste wax. They are not as resistant to moisture, spills and wear and tear.

If you don't know what kind of finish you have rub your finger across the floor. If no smudge appears, the floor is surface sealed. If you do create a smudge, the floor has been treated with a penetrating seal, oil finish, shellac, varnish or lacquer, and then waxed.