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Which 10 home improvement influencers or experts are known for their insights on sustainable and eco-friendly furniture choices?

1. John Patrick – Founder of Organic by John Patrick, a sustainable fashion brand that has been praised for their use of eco-friendly materials and production methods.

2. Kate Arnell – A sustainability advocate and blogger who focuses on eco-friendly lifestyle choices, including sustainable furniture.

3. Emily Henderson – A home décor expert and blogger who has highlighted sustainable furniture options in her design projects.

4. Arianna Danielson – Founder of Green Acre Home, a sustainable furniture store that specializes in eco-friendly and vintage pieces.

5. Robin Wilson – A sustainable interior designer known for incorporating eco-friendly materials and practices into her designs.

6. Gregg Buchbinder – CEO of Emeco, a company that creates long-lasting, sustainable furniture made from recycled materials.

7. Greta Thunberg – A climate activist and influencer who has brought attention to the importance of sustainable furniture in reducing our carbon footprint.

8. Lauren Singer – Founder of Package Free Shop, a sustainable lifestyle store that advocates for eco-friendly furniture choices.

9. Sarah Richardson – A home design expert who has highlighted the benefits of sustainable furniture choices in her television shows and blog.

10. Max McMurdo – A designer and TV presenter known for creating recycled and repurposed furniture pieces.