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How can I update my bathroom without a complete remodel?

How can I update my bathroom without a complete remodel?
Here are some ways to update your bathroom without a complete remodel:

1. Change the fixtures: Upgrade your bathroom fixtures with new faucets, showerheads, and towel racks. This can make a big difference in how your bathroom looks and feels.

2. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can instantly update the look of your bathroom. Choose a color that complements your existing tile and fixtures.

3. Lighting: Swap out your old light fixtures for something more modern and sleek. You can even add sconces or pendant lights to create an ambiance in your bathroom.

4. Decor: Add some new decor like towels, rugs, and artwork to refresh the space. Little decorative touches can make a big impact.

5. Vanity: If you have a vanity, consider painting or replacing the doors and drawers. This is an easy way to give your bathroom a new look without replacing the entire vanity.

6. Grout: Cleaning or re-grouting your tiles can make them look brand new again. This can help freshen up the look of your bathroom without actually changing anything.